12 Mar 2013

More Descent Dungeon Props

Hi there! We´re having a game of "Road to Legend" this coming friday, so I wanted to make something new for the players and maybe finish some Descent mini projects before that... We´ll see if I got the time. But this is what I got done last night :)

I unpacked two Malifaux Coffins. Then I based two Cavalry Bases (made out of plywood) with cork.

After sanding the bases I primed them, glued the coffins in place and gave the whole thing a rough paint job...

And added some Mordheim Turf. Ready for dungeon...

They look ok in the right atmosphere :) And add more feeling than the cardboar props. Even if the Descent cardboard props are very good looking, and have really nice art work. 3D is 3D... Bye now!

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