20 Mar 2013

Descent: RTL Campaign Report

Our Road to Legend Campaign is getting close to silver level now... Previous "rumour quest" was at Guardian Hills, where heroes slayed down the ghost of Captain Jones and his minions (X-Marks the spot).

 After a long and hard battle they received gold and experience of course, but also "The Backbiter" long bow, that seems to be a dangerous weapon in hands of agile Grey Ker.

 While training and well earned R&R in Vynelvale, Spirit Speaker Mok (one of the heroes) wandered to the local tavern, and payed for a round of drinks... and learned a new rumour, as a young woman walked over to his table. He asked somebody to help and rescue her husband from a evil sorcerer who´s tower´s located in the Gardens of Tarn. Heroes desided to help the poor lady, and started their journey towards a new adventure.

Meanwhile... Gates of the Witch Kings keep opened at Blackthorn Grove, and Liutenant Meric Farrow rode out like a bat out of hell with his minions. He travelled fast, over the Mountains of Despair, while his brother Sir Alric Farrow besieged the city of Dawnsmoor (for a while now), trying to raze it (he just can´t pull it off :).  Meric catched up with the heroes at Riverwatch.

Merics intention was to follow the group and "fortify" the next dungeon the heroes would explore, (Giving the Overlord extra 15 threat points in Merics case) so he didn´t attack. But the over devoted heroes drew their swords and axes, and charged... And the battle went on for the rest of the game night. Mok was the first hero down, pierced by the accurate skeleton arrows. And for there´s no spawning back to the board in Liutenant encouters, heroes now started to drop down one by one. Meric was badly wounded by the group, and Steelhorns (one of the heroes) came very close to axe him down... but the evil minions were too many. Steelhorns made an outstanding fight using his "Cleave" skill, cutting down over a dozen enemies. But he finally ran out of fatigue points, and was pierced by too many arrows... So, the next sessions begins in Tamalir, where the "Obelisk of Journeys" has transported the fallen heroes. To be continued...

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