19 Nov 2013

20 Spider Riders on the table...

Hi there! Just a quick update of what's goin on... in addition to Tactical Squad and Assault Squad :) I'm getting ready for my first siege battle, where I'm not the defending part. Defending fortress has been quite easy the last two times (just luck I guess), so I'm worried about the next game, where I have to climb over the fortress walls filled with dryads and sharp shooting woodies...  This is a good opportunity to try out the spider riders in action (Wall Crawlers, Creeping Assault), and get to paint some. Not much done yet, but here's some pics...

First I had to dig all twenty from my Orc horde box... It was quite a challenge to find all the pieces.
There's my Gigantic Spider also, that I'm gonna fix up for the siege to come.

I sprayed them with primers... I use Army Painters range. I've seen loads of spiders painted red, green or black, so I decided to try something else here... And gave the spiders a bright blue prime color.

Here's all twenty assembled without glue at this point. I'm gonna paint the spider, rider and the base individually.

Here's the first WIP of the paint job. Just trying out some color themes here. I'm really not sure of the purple feathers... Bright red would be more agressive color, and less gayish for Orcs & Goblins army. With my High Elves army purple feathers go just fine :) Let me know if you have an opinion...

Any way, I think the blue color goes nicely with the spider. I'm a big fan of half 90's WHpainting style, so I like bright colors in the army.

I'll be back with the feather issue soon... Bye now!