11 Nov 2013

Serpents of Hellfire, Assault Squad

Hi there! While having my Serpents Tactical Squad still on painting table, I'm already making myself another project. On top of other projects... You know how it goes. Well here's what I got together from my bitz box last night, three new Assault Marines with Chain Swords and Plasma Pistols. Now the whole unit has Plasma... I hope they don't "get hot" too often.

Jump Packs are from my old Assault Marines (Maxmini products), who resently got re-assigned to Veterans unit...

Primed and Jump Packs glued...

Here's whole happy family. The one on the left is really old stuff. As you can see, I liked to drybrush things back then... But I think I leave him that way. Fits the unit well enough. More to come soon. Bye now!


  1. Nice work - the Maxmini heads and packs really work well on your Assaulters!

  2. Thanks Azazelx! Yes, I've been waiting to get to use them. I love those Maxmini bitz! They give some nice "Rocketeer" / steampunk feeling to the unit... or sumthin.