2 Nov 2013

Serpents of Hellfire, 5th Company, IV Tactical

I had these jolly fellows primed long time ago... Finally got them on my painting table. Three of them  has some progress, but none of them is ready. But here's some WIP pics, to show that I'm doing something for the hobby :) 

These are the Tactical Squad from Assault on Black Reach Box (Except the flamer). Even if the minis have very similar poses it doesn't bother me, for the quality of sculpting and little details makes the unit as a whole look really good. I especially dig the Sergeant, giving orders... More to come soon. Bye now!


  1. Nice rich red, looking good.

  2. Thnx Warlord! Yes, my red is little overdone, to create some "Hellfire" feeling to the power armour. Glad you like it!