27 Jan 2014

Goblin Hero on Gigantic Spider

Hi there. In my last two Fantasy Battle games, my fast cavalry units have been proven worthy of their points value, and more. So now I'm happy to get this bad Gobbo ready for action, and give some needed support for my Spider Riders. Down side is, that Gigantic Spider is not "fast cavalry", so if you put it in the unit in deployment phase, you'll lose the vanguard move... and of course all the other fast cav rules. But it has the same movement of 7, so you'll march pretty fast on the other side of the table with this one.

Goblin Big Boss with Gigantic Spider + hand weapon, shield and light armour can be had with 79pts..! I think it's a bargain for a lonely warmachine destroyer, or a boost in a Spider Rider unit. Spider is thick skinned, so you'll have a save of 3+. You can crawl and stride through everything :), and you "cause fear".

And don't forget about the spiders poisonous attacks. Gobbo itself strikes three times, with WS4, S4. So six attacks all together is more than enough to wipe out a war machine crew...(well, Dwarfs have proven to be kind of stubborn every now and then...)

And that's all I have to say about game terms... Mini itself was fun to paint, and it did'nt feel like alot of work at all. I left out the spider web throne, and basing material that comes in the box. Web stuff is really great add to the mini, but I wanted to give all attention to the hero alone.

In the base I used a rock that I found from a beach in Greek. I collected alot of them, so you might see them in my future postings too :)

I think I'll add some more skulls on the spider later... I was going to do that in the beginning, but I ran out. You can never own enough skulls...

Model also fits in the unit nicely... Thanks to the high basing. Bye now!