10 Jan 2014

Goblin Shaman Wolf Rider

Hi there! My Wolf Rider unit worked as a dream in my last game against the Dwarfs. They got two warmachines down, ran the Master Engineer out of the table, and supported from the rear, as I finally got to charge the Dwarf infantry with the rest of the Green Skins. So they did alot better than I hoped.

So, inspired by their triumph, I dug out my Goblin Shaman with Wolf by Game Zone Miniatures, and did some painting on it. This fellow hopefully brings some boost to the vanguard in the next game... Or it sucks the whole unit in to wortex with a brilliant miscast :D

Really nicely sculpted model, but not very nice to paint. Some details were hard to dig out. Still, I like alot about that "howling at the moon" theme in the model... Bye now!


  1. It´s a really nice figure, and you did a great work with it!