1 Jan 2014

Kit bashed Boar Riders

Hi there! Been awhile since the last update... I've been lazy with painting at Christmas time. I finally managed to get something done, for I have a WHFB game tomorrow, and had to assembly one unit for it. I used bitz from Orc Boyz regiment box, Black Orcs, and of course some boars that I've been buying from here and there along the way. Here it is...

This is the first rank. Middle model counts as Boss, the one on he's right counts as standard bearer... still have to make a  musician at some point.

Second rank is more balanced. Only the Orc on the right end stands out... it's from the good old chariot set. One on the left is actually a "real" metal boar boy :)

Here's the whole unit of ten. Now I just have to grab the paint brush... Bye now!

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