23 Feb 2016

Blood Bowl: Death Roller Painted

Hello! As I opened this ancient blister from 1988, I was very impressed of the level of detail, and the old school sculpting job... I had to assemble and paint it right away. And so I did. Here's the pics!

First thought was to use alot of color... for the old mini was demanding it. Could'nt go with just chain mail and wash on the machine. In addition to the Miners United team colors, I added some yellow to the palette.

The basing was a broblem at first, for the rules say that all minis should take only one space (square)on the field. I decided to use normal round base, and make the mini look like the driver is going over a bump in the field (a unlucky goblin in this case), lifting the rear up abit. Mini balances just great in this way.

 From behind...

The goblin was added to the roller from WHFB-Giant box... Finally found a good use for it :)

"And you're next! Run you little green thing..." WROOOOM!!!

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  1. Blimey you painted that in no time. It's a shame it's a second edition miniature as it had a two square footprint so it would not matter.