22 Feb 2016

Blood Bowl: Miners United

Hi there! It's been a while since my last posting. Life is busy at the moment with all kind a projects, work and family... But I have been doing hobby stuff in the background :) And here's one of them, my dear Blood Bowl team, made from FB3rd edition plastic dwarfs. Now in paints...

Paintjob is pretty fast stuff... But still I'm happy with the result. Team looks good together, and I like those color rings on the bases to identify different roles in the team.

Here's the Runners. Yellow color ring and wings in the helmet (to give them more speed:)

Last line of defence... The Blockers. Though punch of "thick skulled" players! Green rings as usually seen with basic linemen.

Salute of the Blitzers! The "goggles"  are made out of Space Marine backpacks muzzles... They kind a look like Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill :D Red rings for Blitzers.

Last but not least, the Troll Slayers. I made the hairdo from greenstuff, and bended the horns of the other slayer, to make him look less stable... Orange color ring seemed most suitable with these guys.

And here's what's next in line... Death Roller from 1988! I feel bad to open a blister that old... It's a piece of gaming history :( Well, better on the field than in the plastic... And there's my assistant coaches, the famous Drunken Dwarfs, who can also pull off as a cheer leaders if needed:) I'll be back soon this time... Bye now!

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