26 Feb 2016

Reaper Bones: Well of Chaos

Hi there... I had to try out my Vallejo water effects, that I purchased yesterday. I remembered that I had some Reaper minis in the cupboard, and among them was the "well of chaos" miniature, that would be perfect for a water experiment :)

First I painted the mini. Then I cut some straws from an old paint brush, and glued them carefully in the pool. After sanding and painting the sand, I poored some Vallejo "Still Water" in the pool. And another layer this mornig...

I didn't quite nail it... the water effect flooded abit on the edges of the pool. And the stuff didn't extend and level itself as I expected. But I think it's on the user, for I didn't shake the bottle before use, and there was apparently some thicker stuff coming out of the bottle first. I should have tried it on somewhere else first before the mini... Next time. I still have two of these figures :)

The Bones miniature is beautifully sculpted, and is easy and fast to paint. Points for Reaper..!

Its really nice from behind too :) Bye now!

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