10 Nov 2009

Hellfire 1st Company Veterans

Here´s three of the 1st Company Veterans. I have published a picture of dude on the left earlier in this blog, but two other veterans on the right side are some oldies goldies that I just found from my miniature cupboard... Had to take pictures of them too :)

Lightly converted... The middle Veteran has a Chaos marine heavy bolter (as a trophy of course :)). Right one made completely out of marine bits. The banner and serpent symbol from High Elves bits. The two oldies participated on "Chapter Master" painting competition back in year something... I use different basing technique now, I noticed. ;)


  1. They are looking awesome! Great conversions and really beautiful painting.

  2. Impressive work and painting on these. I haven't tried much with red, and certainly couldn't pull it off as well. I really like the colors on these.