26 Nov 2009

Maxmini order arrived

So... My Maxmini order arrived today. Really good service I think. I got everything I ordered and the delivery was really fast. I made the order at Sunday and today I have them in my hands :D
So four days from Warszawa Poland to Turku Finland... I recommend!!!

The bits are way cooler and better looking than in the Maxmini webstore pages :D They are the greatest thing I have purchased for a while..!

Can´t wait to try these Pirate Orc heads to my Boyz unit...
"AAaarrrrrr...! Letz burn all da human vezzels dat we can find Ladz... and steal dem tricksy treasure maps!"

And these Steam Knight helmets will look great on my Serpents of Hellfire marines... They look pretty much like old MK2 and MK3 power armour helmets, and there´s allso some heads with no helmets. That´s always cool... "Ohhh, suit you sir"!

Sorry bout poor quality of the pics...

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  1. Maxmini's stuff is great! I'll check out the rest of your blog to see what else you've done with them...