30 Nov 2009

Prince Alaitoc

Here´s a High Elf Hero that I´ve been painting from mid 90´s... I think. It´s been on and off my painting table :) Month ago I finally desided to give it it´s final paint job (in between other projects). Also made the basing job with some sand and dead grass...

I can´t remember if the horse is original, or have I taken it from one of my Silver Helms... Anyway, I have added the spear, orc head (a really old one), banner and a bow. Rest of it is original.

The miniature has a funny mix of old and new painting job... I added some new high lights over old layers, but left some old details as they were. Like the little hearts in clothing and the ribbon on the shield... The heart pattern was inspired from Mike MacVey´s Old Prince Tyrion, painted in High Elf army book from 1993. The colors and paint job on that mini still makes me wonder the skills of MacVey!

And writing this I can spot two gems still unpainted... Crap!!!

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