25 Nov 2009

Rune Quest minis

I bought some new minis (again)... but this time not for Warhammer or 40K. I have been game master for Rune Quest for many many many years now, and I´ve noticed that we have never used any minis in our playing sessions... Well, that´s gonna change now :)

This Celt warband regiment box dropped in my hand at the local fantasy gaming store... And I saw them right away as Humakt and Orlanth worshipers. We haven´t played Rune for few years now (because my lack of time), but this feels like an inspiration to wipe the dust from my Rune Quest library :)

And here they are assembled... Quite a punch of rebels for Lunars to chew on :)
For some reason I desided to glue them on 40K bases... Got plenty of those I guess...

Close up of Orlanthi...

And some Humakti... No shirts or armour of course, so I can paint some Rune tattoos and warpaint on them :)

It´s not like I really needed another painting project right now, with aside my Fantasy Battle and 40K projects ... But the minis just fell on my lap, I swear. (Truth is I have ADHD...
or Full HD)


  1. Awesome! I love this companies stuff ... the zombies ... the celts ... vikings ... romans ... pith hat brits and zulus. Seeing their very affordable plastic line has made me actually think of jumping into historicals and/or (like you are doing) bolstering my RPG figure pool. Can't wait to see how they look painted up!

  2. and once painted, they ll be welcome there : http://gloranthanarmy.blogspot.com/

    if you agree )

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  4. Ok... Thats´s great! I will post pics right away when I get the project done... :)