17 Oct 2012

Miniatures for Rune Quest

Hello! Finally our apartment is ready... All rooms painted! Well, there´s still lots to do ... Moving furnitures and just general cleanup after renovateing. But I found some time to slap paint on two minis that´s been waiting for color in my cupboard. These are "Wargames Factory" and "Warlord Games" range minis that I´m going to use in my old Rune Quest RPG... I´m thinking of moving to "Rune Quest 6th edition" or brilliantly simple "Open Quest" system. But more of that later, here´s few pics.

Humakt initiate and  Lunar Red Champion. The Humakti is still missing details, protective tattoos and final touch, but I think the Lunar is ready for service... of the Red Goddess.

I like that moon shaped shield... Suits the lunar theme :)

As you can see... colors were really slapped on with this one. But I like the result so far. And with some details it will be "ok standard" for a big battle.

Bye now!

1 comment:

  1. The Lunar champion definitely looks the part. Nice wavey effect on the peltast shield too! I agree the barbarian still needs some more woadness though! Definitely a good addition to the range! I have found quite a few usable mini's in the warlord range as well, plus they look fine and paint up nicely. I particularly liked the Roman citizens and gentry, with a lady on a seat, a few slaves waving palm leaves, and a nice guard. Always adds some atmosphere to a scene!