29 Oct 2012

Kobolds and Cave Trolls WIP

Hello! Got my painting table cleaned up after the renovating the apartment... It was full of weird stuff that doesn´t  belong there. But now, after a long time, I finally got to paint something in a decent enviroment... It sure beats a sticky kitchen table!

Anyway... I got my hands on some Descent miniatures for a change, for we are gonna (hopefully) have a Descent "Road to Legend" session in a near future after a really long break. Well, here´s some pics...

I spray painted the Trolls with Army Painters "Wolf Grey", and the Kobolds with "Goblin Green".

Painted the cloth with Tausept Ochre, then washed whole mini with Devlan Mud...

Theres a first group of five ready. Fast high lights with Goblin Green, then another layer with adding little white to the previous... Eyes with little dots of Golden Yellow.

Kobolds backside... Mmmmm...

This picture is just for scale. The litlle buggers are really small... and I think the sculpting on these minis is just great! They paint up really nice considering the size.

Here´s artist´s vision of Descent Kobols from the rulebook... So that´s where I was aiming at with the color theme :) I´m quite happy! More to come... Bye now!

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