5 Nov 2012

Descent Kobolds WIP and Loads of Tokens

Kobolds are ready... It´s on with the bases now. A lot of dungeon floor tiles to paint :o I hope it´s not gonna take ages.

I decided to make another highlight with Goblin Green adding some white to the previous mix... Just little dots on the highest details. It really made a difference I think (and hope).

I had to take a picture of my really old Goblin Green too. It still works as if I bought it yesterday. I think it´s from late 90's or something... The paint has not dryed or got sticky. Later days Citadel paint pots were/are not the same. Havent bought any of the Citadels "new range" paints, but I assume they still dry up in a month... use it or not. :(

My wife found a really handy set of spoonbait boxes... Three Euros a piece from a local hardware store. Not a bad price I think. Finally I got some order to the hundreads of Descent tokens. Now they are easy to store and carry with me to the game session... and I believe It´s gonna speed up the game alot, not having to dive in a cardboard box full of tokens for a half an hour, and try to find that one "Hero Party Marker" to the Campaign Map, as happened last time.

And they stack up real nicely in small space. Allways inportant feature in miniature hobbyist´s apartment... says my Wife...

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