9 Nov 2012

The Stuff of Legends

I accidentally ran in to this site (The Stuff of legends)... and wanted to share the fun! Might be old news for you, but I got really excited when I found this place. There´s loads of pics of old miniatures  from different manufacturers, and most of them mention the sculptor too... Lots of old mysteries solved :D Like the old Snotling Pump Wagon (one of my favourite minis) was actually called Snotling Attack Cart and was designed by Kev Adams... and the Old Citadel catalogues brought up the tears of nostalgia to old hobbyists eyes. Now I need to hunt few of those old minis down. E-bay, here I come...

 Klick the links above and enjoy... Bye now!


  1. You might also enjoy:


    Its another site with lots of older stuff hidden away - aprticularly in the collectors guides and limited/unreleased sections.

  2. Wow! That´s cool stuff... Thanks for the link man.