24 Nov 2012

Another Black Orc

The first black orc was so much fun to paint, that I had to paint another, and put other projects aside... :)

Bye now!


  1. Hello man. your work is amazing. your minis are just perfect.Congratulations. I know this post is from 2012, but do you remember what color did you use for these black orcs ? For the red armor and the metalic pieces ? I am so curious. I will keep your blog in my favorite pages. Have a good day

  2. Well... holy crap :) It's been awhile, and even the names of the paints have changed... but I'm pretty sure that I have used (in present paint names) "Mephiston Red" for a primer, I allways like to paint the first color layer few times, so it really covers the black under coat... Then I have used "Agrax Earthshade" for wash. After thatI have done the high lights on the edges only, with "Evil Sunz Scarlet". Final high light is done just with little strokes of brush, using the "Troll Slayer Orange". Allways remember to leave the previous high light layer to show little... don't over paint it :) I hope this get some results with these tips. Waaagh!!!

  3. And yes... I forgot the metallic pieces :) I use "Lead Belcher" for primer. "Wash with "Nuln Oil"... Sometimes I do it twice with orcs, to get that "orc black metal" look. Then I just use "Runefang Steel" for the edge high lights, and some small stripes to look like battle damage.