21 Nov 2012

Black Orc Experiment

Hello! I´ve ran a little short of painty time recently, but got little something done anyways :) For a long time I´ve been eager to get my Fantasy Battle Black Orcs on the painting table... (got horde of them) and now I finally painted my first one. It was more of an experiment, planning the color palette of the unit. I´ve allways liked the red color theme on the Black Orcs armour, so I gave it a try...

I primed a punch of Blackies with red, and painted this one pretty fast to a "rank 'n file standard"... Details are rough and wash is heavy, but I kinda like the general result... I didn´t want to go to the details too deeply, but I gave some extra minutes with the horns and chipping. Painting a whole unit in this standard is not gonna take ages, if I get around to it... First I have to finnish the Descent Kobolds base project anyway :)

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