22 Oct 2012

Old Techmarine

Hello! I got a Techmarine and some Servitors from my friend a while ago... I tried to find some info about the Techmarine miniature from the internet, for I had never seen it before. Doesn´t mean it´s rare or anything, for I´ve hardly seen a fraction of the GW minis in my hobby time... But it was kind a weird that there was so little to be found about it.

It was really fun to paint. The sculpting was little rough at some details, but it painted up really nicely! So if you 40K veterans got some info about the mini... like the "edition" it belongs to, sculptor, or some links, I would be happy to be a wiser man :)

Here´s the servitors... That´s a Squat in the middle. How cool is that :D I hope I find some time to paint these soon. Bye now!

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