8 Oct 2012

Warhammer Scenery with a carpet knife...

Hello! We had another game of Blood in the Badlands the other day at our place (more of that shortly). At the moment I´m kind of a short of scenery pieces. So I decided to come up with something new... quite fast. I dug out few blocks of poly-urethane, and my trusty old carpet knife, and started to carve.

Here´s what I did first... I cutted the basic forms to the upper and lower pieces. Glued them together with PUR-glue. Then I  hacked the edges of the lower hill with a regular carpenters knife... kind of using it like an axe :) Wery good therapy... if you remember to watch your fingers.

Then I carved the upper level stone patterns and stairs. I added little bits of smaller rocks to the lower part to give it some texture. This was all surprisingly fast and fun to do...

And then some sand here and there...

I mixed a grey color from my acrylics and gave the hill first coat of paint.

Little bit of watered down black to make some shadows...

And here´s quite a jump with the pics... sorry bout that. But what I´ve done here is I Dry Brushed the stone color with basically adding white to the original mix... Doing three rounds always with some more white. Final High Light I made with a small brush, painting just some edges of the stones. Then I used Ogryn Flesh on some spots to give the scenery some earth color... After drying up, I glued some turf on the middle of the washed areas. And that´s it!

I´m quite happy with it... It is easy to change the theme of the hill with some small bits. Like we did in the game, putting a Idol of Gork on it. And here´s some other shots, with the scenery bits you´ve seen before...

Bye now!


  1. Great ideas, which I'm gonna be using for my Pavis stuff, particularly the Pavis temple will be great in PU plate. Great execution as well: The end result looks marvelous! And way faster than casting everything in plaster, I bet :)

  2. Yes... it´s fast to make. Took me about two hours to carve all pieces. When you have a vision ready it´s done quickly :) I also plan to use this in Big Rubble in my Rune Quest campaign... Just need ALOT more of ruins and rubble.

  3. A lot more rubble... I feel your pain :D