21 Jan 2013

Orc Boyz, First Attempt

Hello! Black Orcs second rank is coming up nicely, but I needed a little break from the mean, big choppa guys... and decided to take a swing at one of my Orc Boyz. It's one from the "Pirate Orcs" unit that I was working on along time ago. Well, the only thing changed for most of the minis are the heads actually. I ordered the Pirate Orc Boyz heads from Maxmini. And I think they look great! There's also some Goblin pirate heads available from Maxmini. Haven't ordered them... yet.

Well anyways, here's some pics...

After black primer I painted three layers of Warboss Green, to get a nice result. Next time I´m gonna try Armypainters Goblin Green in a can for a primer. If it's any good, I'll save alot of time.

Then rest of the prime colors. Mournfang Brown for the leather parts. Leadbelcher for the metal. Ushabti Bone to the teeth, and little Blood Red for the sunglasses :)

Same from behind. You can see little Tau Light Ochre there in belt and strings (I don't mean the underwear).

Then washes were made with Nuln Oil for metal and leather parts. I used Agrax Earthshade for the orc skin and the teeth.

I slapped some highlights on... For first layers I used the original layers colors. For second layer I just added some white to the paint. Fast and simple. Metal parts were highlighted with Runefang Steel, and for the black clothing I used Dawnstone.

And same from behind...  That's all folks. Bye now!

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