13 Jan 2013

Pimp my Snotling Pump Wagon #2

Hi there! Both of the "old classics" re-painted now... It was really fun job to give them some new color. I added some snotlings to both wagons and made the basing job, and that was it. Thinking backwards, I would have been smart to paint the snotlings before glueing them to the wagons... It was really tricky to paint them from all angles. Well, I´ll be smarter next time, if I am to find a fourth of these beauties... Here´s some pics of the second wagon!

This Pump Wagon didn´t have the "pumping crew", so I had to improvise some from other snotties...
I really like the snotling on the roof, mocking the enemy by jesting with he´s tongue out :) That´s great stuff... Here´s some more pics, of all three together.

My opinion of the Pump Wagons in game... Thery´re priceless! They´re cheap in points value. You can bully the deployment phase putting them one at a time on the field, and make your opponent react to them. They move 3d6 inches (4d6 inches with the Out-rigga), which means they are perfect to hunt down enemy warmachines. They draw enemy fire in first rounds of game, leaving your main army advance more safely. And if you really want to "pump them up"... it´s expencive, but at best you can make 2d6 STR5 impact hits with no armour saves allowed... I managed to roll "twelve" in my last game against Dwarfs. The beards were tangled in the spiky rollers, and it felt gooooooood! Bye now!

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