1 Jan 2013

Pimp My Snotling Pump Wagon #1

Allrighty then... This was just one evenings job, I was happy to realize. As I said in the previous posting, the base colors were pretty nicely done with these wagons when I purchased them... Just the Snotty´s were little bit strangely colored. All I did here, was paint and re-position some of the Snotlings again, and I gave some heavy washes and fast high lights to the wagon... The base was done with a same theme as my first wagon, to fit the army theme. Here´s the pics.

The wagon was all brown when I started with it... also the metal parts. So I just slapped some dots of metal to them before wash, leaving some brown to show beneath. It gave a nice and fast rust effect to them I think...

The poison mushrooms were one detail that I just had to repaint... I think they really gave more sneekyness and loonyness to the model.

Just noticed that I forgot to paint the edges of the base with Graveyard Earth again, after washing the sand... well, suck it up!

Bye now! And Happy New Year to everybody who wanders to read this blog!

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  1. A fine rendition of the snoptling classic! Hsppy New Year!