13 Apr 2013

Descent Miniatures: Troll

Hi there! Got the first of three Descent Trolls done... I chose a strange and slow painting tech for the Troll skin... but I think it turned out to be Ok. I didn´t really think about how I´d paint it... just kind of went with the feeling.

The sculpting on the Descent Trolls is really good. All the details paints up nicely... Me likes!

The posing really has te feeling that "It´s coming at you". And the nasty smile on Trolls face even makes it more horrendous.

Here´s the troll from different angle to show the freehand on the base... It took about the same amount of time to paint as the Troll itself :) But it´s the basing method I chose in the beginning with my Descent miniatures, and I´m sticking with it... Crap..! :(

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