25 Apr 2013

Epic Eldars 600pts Painted

Hi there! As we all know by now... The Eldars are coming, in the form of upcoming codex. I don´t own 40K Eldar Army (yet), but I have boxfulls of old Epic Eldars in my cupboard. Inspired by the rumours and ongoing Eldar madness I decided to dig them up and continue painting what I started long time ago. It would be nice to have at least 1500pts Epic Army painted. I´m not sure how much I have Eldars, but I think around 6000 pts army... Have to check.
Anyways, here´s what I´ve painted so far...

In the front: Eldar Guardian Warhost (seven Guardian units, one Farseer with Warlock Bodyguard) 150 pts
In the Middle: Falcon Troupe (five Falcon Gravtanks) 250pts
Back row: War Walker Troupe (six Eldar War Walkers) 200pts

Closeup of the Eldar Guardian Warhost

And from different angle to show the standard bearer :)

Closeup of the Farseer unit. I put two Guardians in the front, to make it fit better in the formation.

Back wiew...

War Wakers... It was fun to pose them in different positions and paint.

Old Falcons look great in my taste... Really like the sculpting.

On one of them I had to paint the Biel Tan Craftworld rune...

Next I´m possibly gonna make a Titan for the army... Using these old Eldar Knights (counts as). There´s some cool Bright Stallions and Towering Destroyers in these blisters... We´ll see :)

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