21 Apr 2013

Messing with Old Classics...

Hi there! I finally decided to work with my old minis, that I posted about earlier... I have used these long time ago in RPG action (Rune Quest, old D&D and stuff). They were some of my first paintings from late 80's, and now when I looked at them, they seemed really sad and crappy :( So I had to give them a new life :)

As you can see... the painting´s not that great :)  But the sculpting is high quality. They´re mostly Grenadier Minis, but there´s some Ral Partha stuff too in the ranks.

Here´s my poison for the job... And I don´t know what you call this stuff in English...  but it´s the stuff you use for cleaning up the surfaces before painting them... Straight translation could be something like "paint wash". Anyways, it proved to be good stuff for this :)

I poored some of the stuff in a plastic carton (no water added), and put the minis for a swim...

After about two hours the paint was peeling off. I worked them one by one with an old tooth brush under warm water...

      And the results were better than I hoped for.

One of the Orcs lost he´s scimitar in the process, but that can be fixed :)

And in the heat of the inspiration, I grabbed one of the Grenadier 1987 Dwarfs on to the painting table...

The one that used to look like this. I wonder why I have painted the leather and the fur parts with lilac..?! Must be a good reason for that... now forgotten.

And in about two hours it turned up to look like this. It aint "cool mini or not" quality, but I´m sure it´s better than it used to be :)

I guess it´s kind of sad to ruin old nostalgia paint jobs... But less so, for I now have them documented :) And I think the new layers of paint give the beautiful sculpting more justice. It sure deserves it! For me, it´s also good to see, comparing the "now and then" pictures, that I have acquired some painting tricks since the late 80's... (and inspiring to know, that there´s still lots of tricks to learn :)... Bye now!

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