1 Apr 2013

Fallen Column, and some kind of Tutorial

Hi there! Got my scenery building inspiration back, after awhile... Usually it happens when I just see some piece of material that has a shape or texture, that can be easily formed to scenery. And that´s exactly what happened in this case too...

I sawed some pieces of round wood at my work place. Then I sanded some of the round edges flat, so the pieces of column would look like they´re sunken in to sand abit...

And this is some corrugated cardboard, that was the source of inspiration for this scenery piece :) Usually it is used to make some corrugated iron walls for sci-fi buildings, but this time I saw a pillar or a column when I looked at it...

I dug up my hot glue gun and some spackle from tool box.

I cutted the cardboard in to right shape. First I wrapped the wood inside big cardboard piece and drew a line inside with pencil, then cutted along the line. leaving little extra to the edges (as you see in the picture). Then I used hot glue to fasten it.

Here I just filled "the gap" that I left, with spackle.

While I was doing that, my daughter had found scissors and made a fine job on my card board :D Right in the middle... Why..?! Fortunately I got just enough of the stuff to finish the scenery piece...

Here are the finished column pieces. It took some time to compose them nicely...

And when I got them right, I had a cahnge of plans, and added a pedestal under the first pillar. Then I carved some stones out of foam, for paving some areas of the base. Sanding came at this point too.

First layer of paint. I used a mix of white and black from my bigger acrylic tubes, to make some stone gray. Graveyard Earth was used on the sand.

Then I washed the whole thing with Nuln Oil.

High Lights with some lighter grays. First by drybrushing, then I painted the edges of the stones with small brush. Sand was drybrushed with Ushabti Bone. Then I  added turf...

And here´s the finished piece... It was really nice and easy to make. I hope I´ll find some time to make more of these soon, so I´d have a nice "ruins theme" for my battle table. Or to use with RPG´s.

Bye now!


  1. Came across your blog from Faeit212 blog exchange. I like your scenery, good job! I will add you to my blog roll if you wish and please add me to yours . Look forward to seeing more of your stuff!

  2. Sure thing..! Thanks for the thumbs up :)