6 Sep 2015

Commission: Gurps hero out of Shadowblade

Hi there! Another commission from a local Gurps RPG-group. This time I was asked to convert a GW:s Shadowblade to a backstabbing rogue adventurer. "It shouldn't look like dark elf, and the character has a leather armor with a chain shirt"...

Well... I carved out most of the "pointy and spiky" armour bitz, and added a chain shirt out of green stuff.

And here it is assembled and painted. I think I faded out the Dark Elf pretty good with just color choises. There's the standard rangers green cloak, and brown leather armour with some metal strengthenings...

I made a detailed pattern inside the cloak, to make it look more expencive. Characters are quite experienced, so I figured they have the cash for fancy clothes :)

Well, there you have it. Bye now!


  1. That freehand on the cape is gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks Riot! I had a little hurry with that, but it turned out ok :)