26 Sep 2015

Miners United: Two more Blockers done!

Hi there! Now with two more blockers done, the team is almost ready, with only the Death Roller unpainted. Well... I'm gonna repaint the other six players that have an older paint coat, when I got the time. But now there's a massive final FaBa-campaign battle coming, and I have to put my attention to my dear Arachnarok Spider... Well here's a happy group shot of the team!

Two latest Blockers are on the left fank... numbers five and six. You can see the difference in the painting era, when you compare the left six Dwarfs to the ones on the right :) And now it really shows the importance of the colored rings on the bases. I think they will clarify the chaos on the field for the opponent and myself. Bye now!


  1. Those look absolutely brilliant!
    The little conversions you've made make them stand out from each other (as do the colour rings), and its been a while since I've seen a team that makes me itch to go back to the painting table and do some brush work!
    Thank you, and congrats for a great looking team!
    Looking forward to see the DR getting added to the Miners.

  2. Very well done. Such vivid and bright colors. They really pop!

  3. Cheers guys! Thanks for comments. I'm really glad you like them... More to come as soon as we finish our Warhammer campaigns last battle. Then it's all Blood Bowl for a while... :)