23 Sep 2015

Long Lost Treasures Found..!

Hi there! Spend an evening at my friends place, where he has storaged some of our old minis, from the time we started the hobby. I was glad to find some of my old Orcs & Goblins stuff there... I thought I'll share the fun... here's the pics of the treasures :)

First some Savage Orcs. I still remember painting these long time ago (So long time ago...)... But can't figure out why I chose to paint the Savages with brown color. Was it in fashion at the time, or is this just my own strange choise of color..? Can't say.

Here's some Black Orcs and Boyz with crossbows... One with a round base. Why?

Finding these made me very happy indeed... My old white plastic boyz. I remember being very proud of painting the "detail" on one of the orc's head... War paint or something. So cool!

Some of my old Gobbo archers too... I use to have at least twenty, but this is a good start. I have to get more of these... Ebay, here I come :)

My friend threw me with these also... Nine Empire Halberdiers. Now I can finally make a full unit of these, with the ones I allready have.

There was other stuff too, but none of them as old as these... so won't post the pics of those. Anyway, this is a good start for an Oldhammer Greenskin army :) I'm excited. Bye now!


  1. It's always nice to see these old models. I have been painting the old plastics for some time now - they look just like the old plastics I painted 20 years ago (experience, what's that?). :) I even bought the 5th edition rulebook this week, I just like the colorful (mostly red) style of that era. I can't wait how you manage to paint these old fellows, your BB minis (and others as well) look great.

  2. Thanks Vader! I'm also a fan of 5th edition era painting style... I just bought "The complete guide to painting Citadel miniatures" by Mike Mcvey. It's from 1993, and I'm loving the colors used in the guide... Very inspiring!