7 Sep 2015

There will be Blood (Bowl), later this year..!

Hi there! Just talked with few guys from our gaming group, and it seems that we're gonna be starting Blood Bowl later this year, after we get our Warhammer campaign (Blood in the Badlands) in a conclusion... We have the last battle next time.


Well that got me little excited, and I "dug out" my four teams... that are all "underway" :(
But now, for I got a good reason to finish at least one of the teams, I chose one to go on the painting table. And the winner is...

My Dwarf Team: Miners United! They are all made out of old Warhammer white plastics. Little green stuff and crappy convershun here and there... and only half way painted. And there's of course the "Death Roller" if I choose to open the blister and use it in the game. I hear it's not that great in game terms, but it's lot of fun (Kerrunch)! And I think that's what matters in our games :)

Anyways... I gave the unpainted Dwarfs some Dragon Red spray primer, and started with base colours on the first Blocker.

And here it is after the washes and high lights... I added some white stripes here and there, for they look "sporty" :) Miners United logo is on the shoulder. And finally player number on the helmet and...

on the back of the cloak... I'm not putting too much time on these. I think it's most important to keep the palette simple and details on minimum. It makes the team look better as whole...
And I used some green on the lower part of the base, for I'm gonna use the classic color codes on these dudes... Yellow-Catcher (or Runner for Dwarfs), Red-Blitzer, White-Thrower, Green-Blocker, Grey-Linemen. But what shall I use for Troll Slayers..? Orange maybe :)


  1. lovely looking mini and Blood bowl is such a good choice!

  2. Looking great Alex. The blocker is amazing!!!

  3. Thanks guys! It's fun to paint these fellows. Not too many details. And Blood Bowl as a theme is allways inspiring :)