29 Jul 2011

Emperors Children WIP: Three done

Just a qick update posting. I got myself a terrible summer flu that doesn´t want to go away... Crap! But I have managed to paint something anyway :), and  so I finished the third marine today. Here´s a couple of group shots of the first three Emperor´s Children minis.

I did some repainting on the Sonic Blaster marine, and I think it looks pretty good now :) 

The Chapter symbol on the Sonic Blaster dudes shoulder came out nicely. Ok...I used a bit different color on it (purple instead of yellow) and changed the symbol abit... But hey! John Blanche does it all the time, and nobody judges him :D I used some Army painters Battle Fields "Jungle Tuft" on the bases. Nice stuff! I have started painting last of the Emp´s, so I´ll be back soon! Bye...

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