17 Jul 2011

Space Marine Project: Colors for Emperor´s Children

Vacation started friday..! Hooray :) So now I´ve had time to plan some colors on the first group in the Space Marine project... the Emperor´s Children. I´ve been looking for some pics and fluff on the internet about anything related to the chapter... Some of the "old school" Post Heresy Noise Marines pics were just wonderful. They were brilliantly painted with flashy colors, just like they should, but for me... they looked too much like going to the Mardi Gras. They didn´t quite capture the feeling of the oncoming action spectacle. Well... I tried to find some color theme from the middle of these lovely festival marines, and the Emperor´s Children in the actual Space Marine game. And here´s what I have now...

So... the colors are flashy, but I try  to keep the palette very simple. I think this could work... If it doesn´t, at least, I did it my way :)  I´ll be back with some WIP-pics soon. Bye now!

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