25 Jul 2011

Space Marine Project: Emperors Children 2 WIP

Here´s the second mini of the Emperor´s Children, and my paint job step by step :)

I started with painting the power armour and the bolter with Warlock Purple ( three layers ) and some Vallejo Squid Pink to some parts ( two layers was enough ).

Then I washed the painted parts with one heavy layer of Leviathan Purple.

Here I have high lighted the armour and bolter. Warlock Purple parts I made with 3:1 mix of Warlock Purple and Squid Pink, and finally few dots with pure Squid Pink. Squid parts I high lighted with the base color again. I made the "leather face" and marines face with Dwarf  Flesh, washing with Ogryn flesh, high light with Dwarf Flesh adding some White in it... Then washed again with Gryphonne Sepia and high light again (wery carefully) with 1:1 Dwarf Flesh and Skull White mix.

Here I started with the gold and metal parts... First I painted the metal parts with Bolt Gun Metal, then the gold parts with layer of Tausept Ochre. It really helps to make the gold very shiny with just one layer of gold paint... I like it.

As you can see... just one layer of gold, and its shiny shiny, blinky blink..."My Precious...yessss".

I gave the gold and metal parts a heavy wash of my favourite, the allmighty Devlan Mud...

High lights with Burnished Gold and Chain Mail for metal parts. And that´s about it...

I also painted it from the back... It´s not necessary, if you´re certain that you´re troops never flee :)
I try to take some daylight pics when I get the basing done... Bye now!


  1. All hail the Devlan Mud! Love that stuff.

    Thanks for the tutorial =)

  2. That's a really clean looking marine!

    Give up for Devlan Magic.