22 Jul 2011

Space Marine Project: Emperors Children WIP

I had to take step back, and think again about the color theme. After looking at the first mini for a day, I discovered that I´m not happy with the first plan, and the paint job was not good... at all. I think I did too much surfing in the internet, looking for ideas and styles... and forgot to make my own ideas and  use the style I like to paint. I guess that was my mistake :(

Anyways... I got back looking at the Space Marine game pics again, and started to plan the colors. I got down to four colors... Warlock Purple, Burnished Gold, Boltgun Metal and Vallejo Squid Pink. All washes were done with Leviathan Purple and Devlan Mud. Finally I made the High Lights different mixes of the base colors... I give you more proper tutorial later :) Here´s one pic of the new Emperor´s Children paint job.

Basing is not finished, but otherwice this is ready. High lights jump out little bit because of the flash... I´ll try to take better pic next time... Bye now!

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