24 Jul 2011

Rainy day painting with the kids

My four and five years old kids are always watching, when I´m painting minis at the day time... asking punch of questions about the games and minis.  Most of the time the question is "why can´t I paint"? Well... this time I couldn´t find a good reason why not ( Except I´m really busy with the Space Marine project...:) And actually, I just bought some extra brushes for the kids, if they would want to give it a try...

I looked up some old boxes of unpainted minis and found couple of 3rd edition WHFB miniatures. I gave my daughter (4years) a Skaven, and my son (5 years) a Dark Elf... that was missing part of his crossbow. I thought that these minis were good to start with, for they are simply sculpted and don´t have too many details in them. And hey... these are the minis I started the paintig with! :) I think they made a good job, and used the brush very carefully, not taking too much paint in it. They followed my instructions very well... that usually never happens!

Here are the masterpieces..!


  1. "And so a hobbyist is born" x2

  2. Yeah! At least they have lots of time to paint the armies before they can learn the Warhammer rules :)