10 Jul 2011

Space Marine Project: First minis

Just a quick update posting. I decided to start the project with some Noise :) Noise Marines box was first one to open... The bitz and stuff was so cool, that I just had to start building Emperors Children group! Here´s one pic of the assembled marines...

I´m quite happy with the poses... I used all the metal parts and the "heavy noise" stuff, for they looked too cool to stay in the box... I´ll be back with some WIP-pics soon.


  1. Oikean puolisin tekee selkeästi kunniaa vanhoille Slaneeshin kitarasankari-noise marineille asennollaan. :D

  2. Kyllä..! Soololla viholliset kumoon. Ja biisihän on Purple Haze :)