9 Jun 2013

Another Dark Vengeance Biker

Hi! Here's another Biker from the Dark Vengeance box. I converted it slightly to make it fit in my DV successor chapter "Serpents of Hellfire".

First I took off all the DA symbols from the bike. Then I cutted off the wings from the back of the bike, and replaced them with two Chaos Marine heads. Iron Warriors were my choice of trophys :)

The backpack is taken from DA veterans box. Otherwise it's all Dark Vengeance biker...

I'm pretty happy with the paint job, and I think I've finally found the painting method and style for the whole Chapter... And now I have to go back to my old painted marines and give them an fast updete in colors :) Maybe not the first tactical squad that I highlighted with dry brushing... those I'll leave as they are, but rest will get a more "fiery" and "blazing" high lights, as the bikers have.

I tried to pose this one leaning abit to the sword side, to make him look like he's picked the nex target, and is about to get another trophy... :)

The base is from Micro Art Studio as with the previous biker... and the next to come. For these bases are sweeeet! Wroom Wrooooom... Bye now!


  1. Mind bogglingly sweet painting style !

  2. Great job on the red. Red is one of my bogey colors!

  3. Thanks dudes... I'm glad you like it!