27 Jun 2013

Old Schoolin' my not so old Dragon Princes, WIP

Hi there! Lots of projects going on... Too many. My Pirate Orcs, Epic Eldars, my Marine Chapter, RPG minis, Descent board game... But you all know how that goes. The feeling, that though you paint and paint... nothing really gets done. So, in frustration, I dug out another old project out of the cupboard...

My High Elf army, that is just partly assembled. And by random I got my Dragon Princes in my hand. Partly painted (quite badly), horses tails missing, riders hands or shields fallen, paint job damaged... and stuff. They looked sad, then I felt sad, and decided to give them a new life... or at least, a paint job.

While ago I bought two boxes of these old classics from an old acquaintance, with a silly price (I mean they were cheap as hell). Still haven't unboxed them, but I will. Anyways, the covers old school paint job... Just beautiful! I love old school Warhammer painting (Possibly for I'm old:). I value the 3rd and 4th editions painting, when the colors were bright and units had some imaginative balls.
As my High Elf army is just partly painted, I was thinking to give it a try, and go old school with the color choices. Starting with this Dragon Prince, in my hand :)

Well... Not even close to the cover art (as I could pull that off). But I think I'm going to the right direction here. The greens have made a big difference already. Should the lance be green..? Or the dragon in it... Lots to do. We'll see. Bye now!

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