1 Jun 2013

First Dark Vengeance Biker Painted

Hi there! We finally got around to play the tutorial missions of the Dark Vengeance box with my friend (well, the first four anyway)... And we had a really good time. I had pretty much all the Marine minis painted that I needed in the missions, but my bikers had just the primer on them... So after playing the game I found some inspiration to give the first of three some washes and highlights and stuff... Here´s some pics.

I replaced the bolt pistol with a flamer with this one... and I cut the wings off from the back of the bike. They had too much Dark Angels mood in them. My Chapter "Serpents of Hellfire" are DA successor chapter, but I don´t want them to look precisely like DA marines. I also knifed the DA symbols off the mini...

I take the high lights just abit over the edge, to give the Serpents armour some flaming feeling... I used to drybrush the "effect" before on my earlier SoH marines, but I like more "clean" high lighting at present :)

Serpents of Hellfire marines don´t usually wear black helmets. I decided to paint the bike squad helmet black, to honor the Ravenwing of the Dark Angels... The coolest unit in 40K :)

Well these guys also have to have a cool name! I thought I´ll call the 2nd Company of the SoH the "Serpent Sting"  Swift, poisonous and... cool! :D

Bye now!

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