11 Jun 2013

Hasslefree Orcs and Goblins arrived

I got these goodies few days ago... Now I had some time to open the bags and look into minis!

I chose to buy these goblins, for they're sculpting reminded me of old LotR pictures, painted by Angus Mcbride. He had brilliant visions of Orcs and Goblins... which are still in my head as the true O&C for me :)  I guess it was the helmets of the minis that made me make the purchase, for I remembered an old game book by I.C.E. that has a cover picture I really love. Still have it in my bookshelf!

Well... I got one of them assembled and painted. Here's some pics...

It was really lovely and fast to assemble and paint. And the sculpting is great!

Here's just for comparison... with a Marine. Hasslefree Goblins are really tiny...  Gobbo has a chance, for he has one sneak attack. Hope he goes for the groins :) Bye now!

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