30 Jun 2013

First "Old Schooled" Dragon Prince done

Finally found some time to finish the first of the Dragon Princes. It came out pretty nice. I'm happy with the colors, and I think the unit is going to be quite a parade when it gets done :)

Still few details I'm not completely happy with, but I have to stop the painting at some point to get the unit done... The biggest bugger was the old basing job. I don't much like the flock I have used on these bases, but it was really hard to get off... so I let it be. I just added some Mordheim Turf on it, and painted the edges with Steel Legion Drab. First I was going to leave the classic Goblin Green on the edges, which was in fashion at 90's... but I just needed the contrast.

So there you have it. Hope you like it... I'm gonna take a little break from painting, and do some holiday stuff with wife and the kids! Lots of plans for this summer :) But as T-800 said, "I'll be back"!!!

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