1 Jun 2013

Dark Vengeance Librarian

Hello! One mini that I was missing in our tutorial game was the Librarian, so now I have to fix that before our next session...

As I´ve done with the bikers, I had to get rid of the too many Dark Angel details to get the Librarian fit in my own chapter... Original DV Librarians shoulder pad was just too much for my sculpting blade to handle, so I decided to take an Terminator arm from my DA veterans box, and on that, I added a shoulder pad from my bitz box. To cover the DA symbols on the chest (and to get blessings from the 40K dice Gods:) I glued on some Purity Seals.

The shape of the "Blade of Caliban" suits the mini just fine... Successor Chapters have to follow some traditions and heritages...

Hope I get to paint it soon... Bye now!

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