19 Jun 2013

Descent: Miniatures, Props and Action

Hi there! We had a Descent session while ago. I even managed to paint few new minis and props before the game, for the last Rumour Dungeon level (Down in a Hole). Here's some pics...

Here's Golem, Ferrox and a "master" Ferrox with red base. They were all needed in last lvl of Dungeon...

Golem painted up real nice... I had to hurry little bit too much with the Ferrox. Not happy with them :(

Here's Chest and Treasure set I ordered from Dark Art Studios... Great stuff for board- or RPG gaming!

I quickly painted up just the amount I needed for next session... With a base they're easier to handle :)

Here's some older action pictures...

Should we search those tiles marked with question marks..?

Our heroes (and one substitute) thinking their brains off... wipeout is coming :) (Overlord is not in the pic)

Ancient Library filled with sharp shooting, upgraded Skeletons... They're really hard for heroes to handle!

Pics form the latest session...

Down in a Hole... What's behind door number two..?

Loads of traps and Monsters tipped the scale for the Overlord in the end... Though the Heroes managed to save the peasant from the Evil Sorcerer and complete the quest, the Overlord still got most of the Conquest Tokens from this dungeon. None of the heroes squished under the rolling boulder (disappointment)...

It was fun to play again... But the last lvl took us nine hours to complete..! So we finished the game at two in the mornig. Nine hours a bit too much I think. Next time we have to use a time limit for the players and overlords turns, to prevent this kind of  "Über-playing", and maybe drink few beers less... Wife says that the beer might be the real reason  for the game flow slowing down after eleven o'clock :D (I Don't agree)

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