12 May 2009

Here´s the unit with red under coat. I desided to wipe the dust from my old High elf hero model from the 90´s, and give him a task as a unit champion in Sword Masters. It´s a really cool looking model with long horns in the helmet. We´ll see how it fits in... maybe I´ll have to convert it a bit to look more like the rest of this elite unit. Or it could be that the colors will do it...

10 May 2009

The Sword Master Project

Here´s one "fast painted" Sword Master. Took me one evening to finish. Red Gore on the armor. Wash with flesh wash (i think), and finally high light with blood red. White parts are done first with fortress gray and highlight with white... basic stuff.

But now I´m going to make the whole unit of 28 Sword Masters... We´ll see how that goes. I just got the under coat made for all of them. I used Army painter "Pure Red" primer from the can. I´ll add the photo later... And planning to add photo from every stage of the project. It´s going to be exhausting and long (read boring) project May the force be with me :)