25 Mar 2018

TMNT-Shadows of the Past, More Minatures Painted

Here's another punch of TMNT-Board game miniatures in paints... Still quite many to go until they're all painted, but I think I have painted the most of them by now. :)

Here's April O'neil and Alopex...

Thug Brawler and Thug Gunner...

And Foot Clan Ninjas and Elites... There's a lot of Foot Clan minis in the game... A LOT!
Pics are a bit flashy. Sorry bout that... Bye now!

18 Mar 2018

Serpents of Hellfire, Devastator Squad

Hello! In between of projects I managed to finish my Devastator Squad for my own Space Marine chapter...

Angels of Hellfire is a Dark Angels successor chapter, and as I was reading the DA-codex, I spotted out that the Devastator Squad now has an Armorium Cherub. Meaning that once per game one of the models may shoot twice in a round, as the Cherub realoads that models weapon. Cool, and must have...

But I did'nt have a suitable model for the purpose, so I had to kitbash one together... And here's how it came out :)

Marine with Multi-melta...

Plasma Cannon

Heavy bolter


And Sergeant with Bolter and Signum

I have to learn how to take pictures of red models... In these pictures some layers of high lights just disappears somewhere... I know it's a lighting and shutter problem, but I haven't figured out the right settings yet..! Well, there you have it. More painted minis coming up soon. Bye now!

4 Mar 2018

Last of the 9th Age Warband

Hello! Here's the last of the 9th Age Forest Spirits army... Two largest figures in the group.

The large infantry is heavily converted again... not by me. I don't know what parts were used, but mostly GW, I guess. The Eagle is from Game Zone miniatures range... And it's a good looking figure.

Close up on the Beastman...

Here's the Eagle. It was an effort to assemble, and lots of greenstuff was used, but it came out ok!

There you have it... Next some Turtle action again I guess. Bye now!