27 Dec 2015

Warhammer 40K 2nd Edition: Cardboard Scenery

Hi there! I hope this posting goes Ok! Blogger seems to be retarded somehow, and as a plus, it doesn't work with the Win10, that I unfortunately updated on my computer. So I can't comment any postings either!  Anyways... Some time ago I bought the WH40K 2nd edition box with 20€ from the wonder world of internet. It had all the thingis inside, except the rulebook (wich was ok with me).

Some bonus material was found, in form of some old Advanced Space Crusade stuff. There was even a bottle of super glue added, wich I was very pleased with :).

With additional 9€ spent, I got 30+ more Space Orks, so I had quite a collection of Orkz and Gretchins all of a sudden... I guess I have to buy the codex now, and start collectin space green skinz. This wasn't in my plans and I don't know why I got them... But I'm a hobbyist, and that's how it goes!

The coolest thing for me anyways, was the cardboard ruins scenery, that came with the box. I have allways loved this stuff. I know that the modern scenery pieces with superb casting job are really amazing, but there's something in the old school feeling of these cardboard art pieces that still warms my heart :)

I decided to hot glue them on pieces of cardboard that I cutted from thin stuff that I happened to have in stock.

Here they are after basing and sanding...

Twenty pieces of scenery in one starter box is not that bad...

And here's a bad picture of the finished product... (we have no light in Finland at the moment) I used some Shadow Grey on the base color, to match the color of the walls. And it's maybe more urban choise to brown earth. I don't know if I should paint the white parts on top of the card board with colors of the walls... Might be better looking. I'll be back with these later. Bye now!

25 Dec 2015

Forge World Preyton Painted

Hello! Just a quick update here... I'm still alive :) Commission Preyton painted. I'll be back soon with some 2nd edition 40K scenery... Bye now, and Merry Christmas to all readers!